Tankanzeige elektrisch 10-180 Ohm, 12V für Wassertank.


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The electrical indicator for the water tank is a gauge that has been specially developed for monitoring the level in a water tank. It is compatible with a tank sensor that has a resistance range of 10-180 ohms. The indicator is operated with a voltage of 12V and is available in black. With this indicator you have the option of reading the level of your water tank conveniently and accurately.

- Type: Electric indicator for water tank
- Compatibility: Tank sensor with 10-180 Ohm resistance range
- Voltage: 12V
- Color: Black

- Make sure the tank sender is correctly installed and connected to the display to obtain accurate measurement results.
- Follow the manufacturer's instructions for installing and connecting the display.
- Regularly check the functionality of the display and calibrate it if necessary according to the manufacturer's instructions.
- In case of technical problems or questions, consult a specialist or the manufacturer's customer service.
- Make sure that the display is protected from moisture and strong vibrations to ensure reliable operation.