“Wind and waves to the horizon”

Boat owners, cruising sailors, coffee & cake sailors, regatta sailors, Atlantic crossers, amateur radio operators, weather makers and on-board cat - on the water for 70 years, in the boat supply trade since 2002, a family, an adventurous crew!
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A safe harbor in the middle of the sea!
We supply you with everything you need for your MOTOR, SAILING and RACING YACHT, a well-selected BASIC EQUIPMENT of the best products available on the market.
Get to your destination quickly!
We only show you products with good test ratings and how individual products performed in various independent tests so that you don't have to search for long.
Your boat – your home!
Your lettering, your logo, your equipment. With us you can design your boat equipment and the equipment of your crew according to your wishes.
Children on board
We have everything on board to ensure the safety of our smallest crew members.
Dog, cat, mouse are allowed!
Whether you have a pirate parrot, dog or cat on board, we have thought of everything.
Carefree vacation
We deliver directly to the port.
Safety & oceans without plastic!
The safety of our fellow sailors is important to us, which is why we actively support Intermar eV , so that sailors can cross the world's oceans safely from wind and weather. Since the many "plastic oceans" make us very sad, we support the eyesea.org project so that the world's oceans can bring as much joy to future generations as they do to us.