Disposal of batteries

The BattG of December 1st, 2009 is a directive of the European Parliament and the Council on batteries and accumulators as well as waste batteries and accumulators. The law stipulates, among other things, binding take-back quotas and limits for the use of cadmium and mercury. 

Used batteries contain pollutants or heavy metals that are harmful to the environment and health. They also contain valuable raw materials such as zinc, iron and nickel that can be recycled.

Batteries do not belong in household waste!


The symbol of the “crossed-out wheelie bin” indicates that used batteries must be collected separately so that they can be treated, recycled or disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

If the symbols Pb, Cd or Hg are also attached, the battery contains either lead, cadmium or mercury. These are heavy metals that can cause serious damage to the environment and health if handled incorrectly.

The devices we supply often come with batteries or rechargeable batteries.

Please take your batteries to a municipal collection point, a recycling center or send them back to us with sufficient postage .

Special regulations for starter and consumer batteries 

When selling starter and consumer batteries, the seller is obliged to charge the end user a deposit of 7.50 euros (including VAT). This does not apply if the end user returns a used starter battery to the seller when purchasing the new starter battery or provides proof of disposal.

By handing in the old battery or the proof of disposal, the end user can also get his deposit refunded, provided he does not want to buy a new battery. Sending the old starter battery to the seller is not permitted due to the hazardous goods regulations .