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The Plastimo bilge pump 925 was developed in collaboration with boat owners and designed by the Plastimo research and development team. This bilge pump is equipped with a telescopic handle that ensures efficient and comfortable pumping. A version with a by-pass connection allows the connection of a hand pump and an electric centrifugal pump to a single water circuit. Please note that it is not suitable for a diaphragm pump or a flexible impeller pump.

- Delivery capacity: 0.9 litres per stroke
- Capacity according to ISO 15083 standard (45 strokes per minute at a 10 kPA vacuum): 40.5 liters/minute
- Weight: 0.920 kg
- Hose diameter: Ø 25 mm (1 inch)
- Supplied with: 2 elbow fittings with valve (inlet & outlet)
- Compact and space-saving

The Plastimo pump is very compact and the 90° position of the outlets allows installation in confined spaces or in places that are difficult to access. The outlets rotate 360° and adapt perfectly to the position of the pump in relation to the strainer and the breakthrough plug.

There is no need to search for the handle in critical moments: the Plastimo bilge pump is always ready for use thanks to its fully integrated handle. If the membrane leaks, the water will be drained into the cockpit (not the bilge), so you will notice it immediately.

The installation of the pump is extremely simple and can be carried out entirely from the cockpit. The membrane can be removed within seconds.

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- Customs tariff number = Customs code: 84132000
- Item weight: 1.22 kg
- Item dimensions: Length: 18 cm, Depth: 26 cm, Height: 18 cm
- Item volume: 8727.38 cm³
- Dangerous goods: No
- Bulky goods: No
- Sales unit: piece