Blitzlicht kompakt W3 - automatisches Leuchtsignal für alle Rettungswesten, universal einsetzbar für Kitesurfen, Windsurfen und Rettungswesten.


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The compact W3 flashlight is a versatile and reliable light signal that was specially developed for use with life jackets. With a particularly bright LED, it provides a clearly visible signal and increases safety in emergency situations.

This flashlight is suitable for all types of life jackets and has a holder that allows universal use. Whether for automatic life jackets, windsurfing, kitesurfing or other water sports activities - the flashlight provides reliable signaling.

The scope of delivery includes a Velcro armband with fastening clip, an attachment option to the inflation tube of an automatic life jacket and self-adhesive Velcro. This gives you various options for attaching the flashlight safely and conveniently.

The flashlight activates automatically when the sensor comes into contact with water and can also be manually turned on and off to maximize battery life and control use when needed.

The lamp's flat protective dome ensures optimal spread of the light signal and significantly reduces the risk of damage during a rescue operation. This means that the flashlight remains operational and reliable even under demanding conditions.

- Individual flash light suitable for all life jackets
- Particularly bright LED for clearly visible signaling
- Mount for universal use on various vests (automatic vest, windsurfing, kitesurfing, etc.)
- Automatic activation by water contact of the sensor
- Can be switched on and off manually for maximum battery life
- Flat protective dome for optimal spread of the light signal

- Ensure the flashlight is properly attached to the lifejacket and clear of obstructions to ensure maximum visibility.
- Check the condition of the flash regularly, especially before each use, and replace it if it is damaged or malfunctioning.
- Follow the manufacturer's instructions for correct handling and maintenance of the flash.
- If you have any technical questions or problems, contact the manufacturer or a qualified technician.