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Stretch rope - Jackline
Polyester ribbon, 30 mm wide.
Breaking load: 2000 DaN.
Sold in pairs
(Shackle or hook not included. Recommended minimum breaking force for shackle/hook: 2000 DaN.)
Manufacturer: Plastimo
Tips and Tricks:
The installation of mooring lines is essential for moving around on deck while remaining attached to a support point at all times. Unfortunately, the "harness-tether-mooring line" kit is often neglected or worse, it is installed in a "DIY" assembly rather than by a safety specialist.
Here are a few basic rules from the manufacturer Plastimo:
• A jackline may only be tensioned at designated support points.
• Strong points must be mounted through deck, with a reinforcing plate below deck, and must withstand a minimum of 3 tons.
• A jackline must run knot-free and seams must be checked and calibrated. Jacklines should be positioned as far inboard as possible to prevent falling overboard.
• Web jacklines do not roll underfoot, unlike ropes. Because jackline webbing is made of fibers, it is subject to aging - even without visible signs - from UV rays, sea water and temperature. Ideally, jacklines should be dismantled for winter storage, rinsed and stored in a dry place. However, we strongly recommend replacing them regularly. NOTE: Stretch ropes must be replaced after 2 years outdoors!