Cobra UKW Handfunkgerät MRHH350 - schwimmend, Seefunk. Funk-Gerät. Hand-Funk-Gerät.


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The Cobra MRHH350 VHF handheld radio is the best-seller in our range of VHF handheld radios and offers outstanding features for reliable communication. With its high-quality Cobra quality based on over 50 years of experience, this floating handheld radio is a reliable companion on the water. The orange core ensures better visibility and makes it easier to find the device if it falls overboard. With 6 watts of power, it offers an extended range and full access to all NOAA weather channels and alarm tones for weather emergencies. In addition to the core functions such as the noise-canceling microphone, it offers a variety of other practical features such as Tri-Watch, memory channels, memory scan and BURP. The MRHH350 FLT EU is the radio that boat owners trust.

- Noise-cancelling microphone blocks background noise for clearer conversations.
- 6 Watt VHF allows a choice between 1, 3 and 6 watts for short and long distance communication.
- Access to all NOAA weather channels and weather alerts for up-to-date information on hazards and weather conditions.
- ATIS function for improved communication.
- Floatable design in case the device falls into water.
- Adjustable power of 1, 3 or 6 watts.
- User-friendly knobs for easy handling.
- Submersible to JIS7 ​​standard for added reliability.
- Connection for external speaker/microphone for extended usage options.
- Illuminated function keys for good visibility in all lighting conditions.
- Burp function to remove water from the speaker.
- Lithium-ion battery for long-lasting performance.
- Charging cradle for 12V and 220V power supply included.
- Belt clip for convenient carrying and quick access.
- Weight: 262 g, Dimensions: Height: 121 mm, Width: 67 mm, Depth: 53 mm.

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1. Please read the instruction manual carefully before use.
2. Make sure the radio is fully charged before use.
3. Test the range and functions of the device regularly to ensure optimal performance.