More about our crew:

It started with our dad, an enthusiastic sailor, inventor and amateur astronomer. Then one day our father came home with an inflatable sailboat from Metzler. It had to be packed into the caravan on every vacation and then laboriously set up for a few hours on the sea. There were no vacations in the mountains - only vacations by the sea. My brother and I were just 3 and 9 years old. After a few years, our good old "Sun Fizz", the family yacht on Mallorca, took over the role of the caravan. In the meantime, my brother is a naval engineer and I am a marketing and start-up expert. He wins one regatta after another with his racing yacht and great crew, while I sail around Lake Geneva in small regattas in Swiss comfort. And what do our parents do when they are not sailing the world themselves? My father, together with the Intermar association and the Swiss TRANSOCEAN Club, brings sailors safely across the Atlantic with weather reports and route recommendations (see report on Covid times 2020 here ).
And what do we all do together when we're not on the water? Since 2002, we've been putting together the best products for the perfect and safest boat equipment and delivering them to your boat.
Wind, waves and safety are our harbor!