Cobra JumPack 7500mAh Akku-Pack, Batterie Überbrücken. Starter-Akku. Akku-Starter-Kit. Batterie-Starter-Set. Bootsbatterie überbrücken, Motor Starten - Akku.


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The reliable Cobra replacement battery is the ideal accessory for your Cobra MR HH350 VHF handheld radio. If you need an extra or replacement battery to keep your communications going, this battery is the perfect choice. It is specifically designed for the MR HH350 handheld radio and offers reliable performance. The replacement battery is available in gray and black, giving you the option to choose the battery to match your device. With its easy installation, you can easily replace the old battery and get your handheld radio up and running again. Rely on the Cobra replacement battery to ensure reliable and long-lasting communications.

In addition, the COBRA Electronics CPP 7500 E - JumPack offers a practical, compact and portable power source. With this energy cell you can not only charge your mobile devices, but also start the engine of your boat or even your car if necessary. The JumPack CPP 7500 contains jumper cables, a 3-pin AC wall charger with USB port, a 12V DC charger for the cigarette lighter and a built-in LED lamp. With an output power of 2-1 amps, it offers enough power to charge your devices quickly.

The spare battery and the JumPack starter unit are the perfect combination to be prepared for any situation. Weighing only 300 g and with compact dimensions (height: 128 mm, width: 73 mm, depth: 25 mm), they are easy to transport and ready for use anywhere.

- Replacement battery for the VHF handheld radio MR HH350 from Cobra (available in grey and black)
- Energy cell for starting engines of cars and boats or for charging mobile devices
- Output power at USB: 2-1 amps
- JumPack CPP 7500 with jumper cables, AC wall charger with USB port, 12V DC charger for the cigarette lighter and built-in LED lamp
- Weight: 300 g, Dimensions: Height: 128 mm, Width: 73 mm, Depth: 25 mm

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- Make sure the replacement battery is compatible with your Cobra VHF handheld radio MR HH350.
- Follow the manufacturer's instructions for safe charging and use of the JumPack CPP 7500.
- Enjoy

You need reliable communication and the practical power source of the COBRA Electronics CPP 7500 E - JumPack to always stay connected and prepared for anything.