Victron Battery Balancer, Batterie-Ladeausgleich. Ladungsausgleich mehrer Batterien, Batterie Kontrolle, Ladezustand bewachen, Strom an Bord, Batterie, Laden, Ladegerät, Gerät zum Trennen von Batterien, Überwasserschiff, Yachttechnik, Bootsbedarf


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Victron Battery Balancer balances the charge level of two 12V batteries connected in series or of several parallel rows of series connected batteries. If the charge voltage of a 24V battery system rises above 27V, the Battery Balancer switches on and compares the voltage of the two series connected batteries.

The battery balancer draws a current of up to 1 A from the battery (or batteries connected in parallel) with the highest voltage. The resulting charging current difference ensures that all batteries approach the same charge level.

If necessary, several balancers can be connected in parallel.

A 48V battery bank can be balanced with three battery balancers.