Gori 2-flügeliger Racing Faltpropeller 375x260RHS für SD


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Special propeller for Lombardini SD

Please always state the serial number of the saildrive when ordering. For older saildrives, the propeller must be modified. The Gori folding propeller is the ultimate propeller for professional regatta sailing boats.

It combines the wishes of skippers, designers and shipyards from all over the world. The good reputation of Gori Racing Propeller is well known and well documented. It is the fastest propeller in the world.

The winners of the following races used Gori Propellers:

Admiral Cup

Newport-Bermuda Race

Rhun Route



Vendee Globe

Whitbread Round the World Race and too many other races to list.

The racing folding propeller is offered to regatta helmsmen all over the world in diameters from 375mm to 750mm, for shaft systems, sail drives and hydrodrives. The pitch is 75% of the diameter. Due to this combination of diameter and pitch, installation is possible on engines with an output of up to 150 HP in both left and right rotating versions.

Full speed under sail

The design and shape allow for extremely low resistance under sail. It folds up like a shell. The wing shape with teeth ensures synchronous wing movement at all times, meaning no rubber stops are required.

Each racing propeller is tested in a test tank before shipping. This guarantees safe and reliable opening from the fully folded state, compared to other folding propellers.

The shape of the folding propeller prevents seaweed, plastic bags and other debris from sticking to it while sailing, as is the case with a rotary wing propeller.

Saildrive propeller

The hub of the Gori Saildrive propeller is equipped with a flexible core that absorbs shocks and electrically separates the propeller from the saildrive, as required by engine manufacturers. A safety system in the hub increases durability and ensures maneuverability at all times. The propeller is designed for the most common saildrives, such as Bukh, Sonic, Volvo-Penta (including 50S and 100S drives), Yanmar and others.