International Woodskin Klarlack Teak 750 ml, Lack für Holz, Teak und Iroko, atmungsaktiv, wasserabweisend, hoher UV-Schutz, ohne Schleifen zu verarbeiten, Deck, Schiffdeck, Überwasserschiff, Holzdeck, Bootspflege


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Woodskin Clear Varnish Works like a skin for your wood

Thanks to its microporous formula, Woodskin breathes with the wood and functions like skin.
It can expand and contract through tiny holes, but still repels water.
In addition, Woodskin is very easy to process and leaves a thin surface film that does not crack or chip.

Product features
- Practical yield 9m²
- At least 3 layers

- Also suitable for oily woods

Features and Benefits

Microporous wood oil/clear varnish mixture
The flexible film bonds to the wood, microporous, water-repellent properties protect the wood from rot and mold

Low viscosity penetrates deep into the wood and does not need to be diluted
‚Äö Very easy to apply with a brush, runs well on and into the wood and dries to a fine shine

No sanding between coats, does not crack or flake
‚Äö Minimal preparation and maintenance effort during and during application

Formulated with permeable pigments
‚Äö Translucent Natural Teak color underlines the natural beauty of every wood, including teak and iroko

Contains HALS* and UV absorber
‚Äö Protection against UV radiation throughout the season
* HALS (Hindered Armine Light Stabilisers) supports the durability of the coating


The Safety Data Sheet (see Material Information ) contains detailed information for the current formulation of this product such as hazardous ingredients, first aid measures, fire fighting measures, handling and storage.
To ensure you have the correct data sheet, please compare the corresponding color and marking on your can.
The label is usually located on the bottom of the can. We provide Safety Data Sheets for each new formulation.

Natural Teak
Article number: YVC316
Formula: 20170710

- Flammable liquid and vapour.
- Causes serious eye irritation.
- Causes skin irritation.
- Can cause damage to organs through prolonged or repeated exposure.
- Harmful to aquatic organisms, with long-term effect.