International Marine Wax 500 ml, Bootspflege, Schutz - Versiegelung vor Sonne und Salzwasser, für einen langanhaltenden Glanz, Überwasserschiff, Überwasserbereich. Pflege für die Yacht.


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Marine Wax

Marine Wax is easy to use and ideal for large areas. It provides long-lasting protection without any polishing agents or silicone.
Its special formula creates a high-gloss finish that protects against salt water and sunlight.

Application : Boat care, protection

- Sealing for a long-lasting shine. The shiny, hard and water-repellent film protects against renewed oxidation and matting of the surfaces


The Safety Data Sheet (see Material Information ) contains detailed information for the current formulation of this product such as hazardous ingredients, first aid measures, fire fighting measures, handling and storage.
To ensure you have the correct data sheet, please compare the corresponding color and marking on your can.
The label is usually located on the bottom of the can. We provide Safety Data Sheets for each new formulation.

Article number: YMB834
Formula: 20180717

No known significant effects or critical hazards.