International VC Offshore EU, Red, Blue, Black, 750 ml - 2 L, Antifouling, hart, geeignet für Salz- und Süsswasser, sehr glattes Polishing möglich, Schutz für das Unterwasserschiff


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VC Offshore EU Antifouling, various colours, 750 ml - 2 L

VC Offshore EU's fast drying formula produces a hard, thin coat that can be polished to a very smooth finish.
This makes it perfect for motor and sailboats as it provides additional speed and efficiency.

Application : Antifouling, hard

Product features :
- Suitable for salt and freshwater areas
- The antifouling creates a very smooth and low-friction surface
- The hard smooth finish can be additionally polished with very fine wet sandpaper

Thinning : VC General Thinner
Practical yield (m2 per litre ): 10.5
Number of layers : 2-3
Boat building material (boat building materials must be appropriately primed) : GRP, wood, steel, lead
For motorboats with cruising speed over 25 knots : yes
Application method : Roll
Use under the most difficult vegetation conditions : 2 stars (1 star = good / 4 stars = excellent)


The Safety Data Sheet (see Material Information ) contains detailed information for the current formulation of this product such as hazardous ingredients, first aid measures, fire fighting measures, handling and storage.
To ensure you have the correct data sheet, please compare the corresponding color and marking on your can.
The label is usually located on the bottom of the can. We provide Safety Data Sheets for each new formulation.

Red - Part A
Article number: YBB711
Formula: 20190220

- Flammable liquid and vapour.
- Causes serious eye irritation.
- Causes skin irritation.
- May cause allergic skin reactions.
- May cause respiratory irritation.
- Very toxic to aquatic organisms.
- Toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects.