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The pontoon fender - shock absorber - jetty fender - bumper - foamed bumper is particularly suitable for boats over 9 meters long. Its special shape makes it particularly suitable for attachment to straight and rounded areas on jetties and other flat, rounded surfaces. Attachment with 10 screws (not included), material: PVC, UV resistant. Patented. Dimensions: 25 x 90 cm and 18 x 40 cm, colors: white, gray and blue.

The bumper saves you a lot of shock when mooring at the jetty, especially in strong winds or strong currents.
The bumper is a real bumper that is attached to the pontoon. Depending on the attachment method, it protects either
the bow or side of the boat. The bumper can be attached to any dock (on a straight or rounded spot).

The foamed bumper is ideal for boats over 9 meters and is also recommended for frequently used docks (petrol stations, fresh water supplies, etc.).