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The Gori folding propeller for ISO shaft, cone 1:10, 3-bladed

The 3-bladed Gori folding propeller was launched in 1994 and won the DAME Award and HISWA Award for best new marine product in the same year.

The 3-bladed Gori folding propeller marks a technological and functional advance in the development of propellers for sailing yachts. Now both larger sailing yachts and motorsailers can achieve the speed advantages of the folding propeller under sail combined with the thrust of the fixed pitch propeller under motor.

The unique design of the 3-bladed Gori folding propeller's wing curvature creates excellent forward thrust, and the rotation of the blades produces the same amount of power when moving backwards, meaning more power and better maneuverability than almost any other propeller.

'Overdrive' function

The overdrive function of the 3-bladed Gori folding propeller adds a new dimension to motoring. The helmsman can change the pitch and profile of the propeller when moving forward. This is regulated via the boat's single lever control, without the use of delicate hydraulics or complicated mechanics.

The 'overdrive' is used under engine in calm weather or when motoring under sail. The 'overdrive' gives the same speed at a lower rpm. This means less engine noise, less vibration and reduced fuel consumption.

The function is simple. To go from normal forward to 'overdrive', switch from neutral to reverse, the ship must be moving significantly backwards, then switch back to forward. To go from 'overdrive' back to normal forward, switch the gearshift to neutral, the propeller folds up, switch back to forward.

The 'overdrive' function and the reversing of the propellers when maneuvering is unique and distinguishes the Gori 3 bladed folding propeller from all other propellers.

Suitable for engines from 7kW (10HP) - 221kW (300HP)

Folding propellers were previously reserved mainly for small and medium-sized sailing yachts with relatively low engine power. Now available for engines of over 300 HP. Large sailing yachts and motor sailors can now also benefit from the special advantages of the Gori 3-bladed propeller.

The result of the special design of the Gori propeller is a minimum of noise and vibration, which is often a problem with flat-bladed rotary wing propellers.

The 3-bladed Gori folding propeller is available in diameters from 15'' to 30'' for standard shaft systems and 15'' to 20'' for saildrive systems.

Advantage under sail

The low profile when folded results in the lowest drag of all 3-bladed folding and rotary propellers. Independent testing has proven this effect. This results in an increase in boat speed under sail. This increase in speed increases the overall value of your boat. Why sail slowly?

The shape of the folding propeller prevents seaweed, plastic bags and other debris from sticking to it when sailing and causing the propeller to open. With hydraulic transmissions, the expensive installation of a shaft brake can therefore be dispensed with without jeopardizing the durability of the transmission.

Power under engine

Tests by leading yachting magazines and other independent organizations have shown that the 3-bladed Gori folding propeller has a significantly higher efficiency in forward (+15%) and reverse (+15%) than other folding or rotary wing propellers. This high efficiency is achieved by the special curvature and rotation of the propeller blades. Rotary wing propellers have a flat blade design, which means that the thrust under engine is not optimized.

Professional quality

Gori Propeller has been the market leader in the design and development of folding propellers for over 25 years. The 3-bladed Gori folding propeller underlines the technical lead in this field. Only high-quality materials such as Nibral and stainless steel are used.

Gori Propeller has maintained its leadership in design, quality and durability for over 25 years. The Gori folding propeller is the first choice for more and more leading designers, yacht builders and racing sailors.

All Gori propellers are numbered for quality assurance and later service.

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